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poster of Eating Our Way to extinctionEating Our Way to Extinction


September 16th, 7:00 PM at Delray and Lake Worth


Narrated by Academy Award ® winning actress Kate Winslet, Entertaining and alarming, this compelling feature documentary will make you never look at the food industry in the same way again.


Eating Our Way to Extinction, narrated by Academy Award winner, Kate Winslet, is based on making the connection between what we eat and our current eco-crisis. Portraying the beautiful and incredible diversity of our planet, yet highlighting how we are mindlessly destroying our very life support system. Whilst the message is both alarming and poignant, the solution is a positive revelation that rests in our hands. The Documentary takes the audience on a journey around the world, telling the story through the eyes of different indigenous tribes.  Engaging and entertaining, it brings to life the reality of the potential cost of our relationship with animals and the environment, presenting the 11th hour question:  If Food Costs the Earth, Who Pays the Price?