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Shock A Rama Presents: TORSO (1973)
50th Anniversary of Italian Giallo Film


A towering terror from the end of the ‘70s giallo boom, TORSO finds director Sergio Martino reveling in the genre’s time-honored traditions while also laying groundwork for the modern slasher. It delivers copious violence, sleaze and one of the tensest cat-and-mouse games ever committed to celluloid.


Friday, December 15 at Lake Worth
Seats 9:30PM | Starts 9:45PM


Rated R · Tickets $12


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No. Respect those around you and keep any talking to a minimum.


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No. Again, respect those around you, and don’t be a disruption.


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For safety reasons, no masks or prop weapons are allowed in the theater or lobby unless pre-approved for special events.


Can I suggest a movie?

Yes! Feel free to send a message on social media or email with film ideas.