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Aulcie - Boca Jewish Film Festival - Dani Menkin

Poster for Aulcie - Boca Jewish Film Festival - Dani Menkin

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ReleaseDecember 19thGenreDocumentary Runtime1:12DirectorDani MenkinCastAulcie Perry,
Tami Ben-Ami


The incredible story of Aulcie Perry, an African American basketball player who hailed from the violence-filled streets of the 1960s Newark, NJ, and who found his glory in leading Israel's Maccabi basketball team to the 1977 European championship. He became an overnight sensation in Israel, beloved by the fans and by his adopted country. He converted to Judaism and became an Israeli citizen. His highly publicized relationship with Israeli supermodel Tami Ben Ami became the subject of relentless media attention, making him one of Israel's biggest stars. But his success wasn't enough to save him from the descend into drugs and jail time, before finally finding redemption. Dani Menken's documentary tells the story of this legendary athlete.