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Opera national de Paris: La Fille de neige (NR )

Poster for Opera national de Paris: La Fille de neige

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GenreProgram Runtime4:20DirectorDmitri Tcherniakov CastMikhail Tatarnikov,
Aida Garifullina


Snegúrochka was born in times of old in Tsar Berendey's mythical kingdom, the fruit of the union between Spring Beauty and Grandfather Frost. Protected by her parents from the jealousy of the Sun god Yarilo, (who vowed to warm her heart when she gets older and falls in love), Snegúrochka's fate is entrusted to a wood sprite.
A masterpiece of popular Slavic literature, The Snow Maiden brings to the stage a magical fantasy of love and mythical renewal. Aida Garifullina sings the role of Snegúrochka whilst the production and musical direction have been left in the capable hands of two other Russian artists: the young conductor Mikhail Tatarnikov and director Dmitri Tcherniakov.